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March 6, 2023

"Your LAST First Day" - A Best-in-industry Dealership Onboarding Process with Chad Castor & How it Drives a "Culture Is Everything" Philosophy Among Team Members

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Kat & Shan are on a break while Jodi & Courtney fill in.

The ladies speak with Chad Castor, General Manager of Toyota of Muncie in Muncie, IN. Chad identified one of the most significant areas for improvement in the dealership for long-term employee retention: Onboarding.

What does the onboarding process look like where you work? And what are employees' first days like when they start? Do they feel special? Or are they just a number that has to file a lot of paperwork with HR?

Chad will take you through a process he implemented in his dealership called the "Your LAST First Day", This has improved employee turnover so extensively that it is down to the single digits!

How does he do this? Chad is transparent and generous in sharing his process, which has made all the difference in his store. His method has reduced turnover and provided benefits to his store culture leaps and bounds more than he could ever have imagined at first. 

His store is known for t-shirts he and his team wear that read "Culture Is Everything", and they genuinely live that philosophy each day in the store and out in the community. His dealership philosophy is widely known around town, attracting more women and diversity to his store. 

Chad can be reached on LinkedIn here:

Chad CastorProfile Photo

Chad Castor

General Manager/Toyota of Muncie