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A fresh perspective

Shannon and Kathleen kill it in this podcast. Such a refreshing take in a way that educates without shaming the industry. You can truly tell the team is trying to help the automotive industry grow and thrive in both the short and long term by finding ways to find new talent and do things in a different way. Season 1 was fantastic and Season 2 started out strong! Can’t wait to see what awesome guys you bring up for the rest of the season.


This is a worthwhile discussion even if you aren’t in the automotive world as these ideas can relate to a lot of industries. Interesting guests, hosts are easy to listen to, and I love hearing from the producer in each episode. The best part is that you come away with applicable strategies you can use to make your company more inclusive. Thank you, and keep it coming!!

Way to go!

Thank you for taking the time to put together this podcast. It is an important topic and as a woman in automotive it is long overdue. 👍 Keep up the great topics and actionable items!


I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast. As a woman in the automotive industry, I found it not only relatable but appreciated that the women discussed concrete solutions to barriers within the industry. I look forward to more episodes. And it’s not just for women! These are valuable discussions for everyone in the field to learn and grow from.


Kathleen, Shannon and Jamie what an amazing podcast. I’m a big fan already! I’m going to share within HQ and get the word out. You ladies are amazing! Thanks for this podcast. Deb Powers

Relevant & Thoughtful

Thanks for creating a space for this important conversation. The automotive industry is so much more than what people think it is, and I do wish more women knew about all the career opportunities within the dealerships and how lucrative it could be. As a female automotive professional myself, (16 years in), I find your topics relevant and timely. Thanks for putting this all together!

Muncie Chad

I absolutely love this podcast! It’s never too late to change your Culture and diversity within your walls. This podcast has allowed me to realize this is way overdue!! As culture is always my most important task, diversity within my walls will be an equal from this point forward. I have already implemented ideas taken from this podcast. Thank you!

This is great😀

About time we get women's perspective in this forum! As a GM of a dealership it is great to hear all the tips given on how to retain and recruit women in this business! Please keep it going the content is awesome! Great job 👏

Great perspective from inside the automotive industry

Great first episode. Lots of territory to cover on this subject matter subject. I Look forward to more shows with commentary from your points of view.

Great Podcast !

Inside view of the automotive industry and practical discussion on the challenges and future trends.