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Oct. 3, 2022

What Companies Need to Know to Retain New Moms

What Companies Need to Know to Retain New Moms
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Calling all companies, organizations, and dealerships! This episode is key to better understanding what new moms experience during their "return to work."  How much time do you spend thinking about this? 

👉 What you do or don't do can make or break your retention of new moms!!

Shan & Kat are on a break for this one, but Jamie, the producer, hosts this episode with her two co-workers, Jen and Eva, both working moms. 

This episode was inspired by a CADIA (Center for Automotive Diversity & Inclusion Academy) Webinar, which featured Stephanie Boms and Della Leapman, co-founders of Nestl Space. 

  • Over 3 million women have left the workforce in the last year (CBS News) 
  • Of those still left in the labor force, 1 in 4 women are now considering leaving the workplace or downshifting their careers (McKinsey / Lean In Women 2020 Report) 
  • The female workforce has already dropped below 47% - the lowest levels since 1988 (National Women’s Law Center) 

Jamie, Eva, and Jen share their return to work experiences and what companies can do to "do better". It's just good business. It saves on recruiting costs, training costs, and downtime due to employee transition and helps eliminate the risk to employee morale.

Get in Her Lane provides credit to Stephanie Boms, Stephanie@nestl-space.com, and Della Leapman, Della@nestl-space.com, for the material that inspired this episode. 

And to CADIA:
https://www.automotivediversity.org/  for the platform that supports this great content.

If your organization needs help with lactation space or "return to work" ideas, feel free to reach out to:

We also mentioned, Mamava, private lactation pods. They can be found at:

Article about Fowler Automotive: "How One Car Dealership Steered the Way to Gender Inclusivity":