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Sept. 1, 2022

The Subi Series Part 2: Finding Your Voice

The Subi Series Part 2: Finding Your Voice
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Part 2!   💪 When did you last find your voice?  This voice lives in your heart ❤ and mind and leads you to self-discovery.  It is the surest way to build connections and lets you live your truth.  When you share your voice, you become a valuable asset to your managers, colleagues, and community.  You also become a leader. 

In this invigorating Part 2 episode, Kat & Shan continue to speak with Subi Ghosh from Stream Companies. She talks about her journey in finding her voice and offers advice on how others can do the same.  We learn that finding and using our voice is ever-evolving. It takes courage, confidence, and the willingness to continue to learn. 

Women who ignore or lose their voices can struggle to achieve their goals. Conversations and decisions need to have a balance, which contributes to innovation and the greater good. 

Check out this episode for inspiration and ideas for finding and using your voice.  It's bigger and stronger than you think.

Subi also provides excellent suggestions for the leadership teams of dealerships and dealer groups to connect with their people to build a culture where employees want to stick around for the long term.

Subi is extremely generous with her advice, time, and passion.  Check it out where she volunteers herself to connect with anyone who is looking for assistance. She is truly an inspiration.

Subi can be reached on Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/subighosh/